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We have a skilled team behind us


Ants can cause big problems in your home if they are not treated. Depending on the type of ant, they can chew through thousands of dollars’ worth of wood and other objects.


Our skilled team will proudly provide a one-time service or even monthly service to get rid of these pesky ants.


Don't let them cause damage


When you see piles of sawdust around your home, or if you see larger black ants, these are carpenter ants. You need to get them out of your home, and fast! They will come into your home for shelter and moisture, and then they chew on the structure of your home, causing extensive damage.


Gone in 48 hours or less


You can count on us to treat your home, top to bottom. Your ant problem will be gone in 45 days or less, and if it’s not, we’ll provide a second treatment.


After a treatment, you are covered with a one-year re-treatment guarantee.


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Preventative pest control


Take advantage of our preventative pest control services today. At Allied Pest Control, we not only get rid of ants, but you can also count on us to get rid of other pests, such as birds, spiders, bees, fleas, rats, and so much more.